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Make The Switch

Why Switch?

Is it Linux? Is it FreeBSD, Win2K? No, it's MacOSX. Oh yeah.. it is FreeBSD! ;)

Time to practice what I preach. Well, almost. I'm not ready to go to LINUX on the desktop just yet, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with the G4 and the MacOSX/Jaguar release.

The Ordering Process

Its been hell. Having purchased three Dells in the past few years, Apple could learn a lot about inventory management from DELL.

Application List

Here is a list of the applications that I run on a regular basis. For applications that do not have native MacOSX versions, and until either one is developed or a replacement is found, the goal is to use Virtual PC to run a Windows XP session on MacOSX.

AccountingQuickbooks Professional
Application ServerIBM WebSPhereWill run on my Win2K server
DatabaseMS Access
DatabaseOracleThere is a MacOSX version available, but will look to MySQL or Postgress first.
Dev ToolDBVisualizerPure Java tool. Should run just fine
Dev ToolEclipse
Dev ToolWinCVSMacCVS
Document PublishingAdobe PDFWriter
Drawing ToolVisio
EditorXML SpyVendor suggests to run in pc emulator
FinanceTurbo Tax
Graphics EditorFireWorks
Help ToolAspect Online LibraryWon't port, it;s a Windows help file for the Aspect ACD.
Java Servlet ContainerTomcat
MethodologyRUPBrowser based, should be O.K.
OfficeMS ExcelOpen Office/Star Office
OfficeMS WordOpen Office/Star Office
PIMMS OutlookThere is an integrated AddressBook, Mail, IChat. Not sure about calendering, may have to bite the bullet and either purchase a PIM or it will spur the development of our II Calendering service!
PIMTrue Sync
PIMMS OutlookApple iCall, Aqua Cal, DesktopCalendar
Terminal EmulationSecureCRTBasic terminal included
UtilityNorton Antivirussame
UtilityWinZipStuffit, jar, tar
Web PublishingDreamWeaver
Web ServerApacheSame

The Migration Process

by Mike Conneen