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Ameritech New Media Project Summary

Assignment Overview

Contracted to the nations 57th largest based Cable Services Provider. Primary responsibilities where Project Management of the Consumer Database demographic acquisition interfaces, as well as the Customer Data Extract, and Household Management processes. These applications are written in C++, Pro-C, PL/SQL, Korn Shell, sed, and awk scripts. The databases and application services reside on a Sun Solaris UNIX server.

Sun SparcWorks development platform was used for graphical analysis of class libraries, as well as for the graphical source code debugger. Also supported two tactical applications, one written in MicroSoft Access 2.0, and the other written in Powerbuilder 4.0. These applications extract and update specific information within the database.

A major accomplishment was rearchitecting the MicroSoft Access application so that it could efficiently be deployed and utilized by over twenty field notebook computers. This effort prompted a complimentary letter from the Marketing Manager. Another notable accomplishment was adding a DDE link to a PowerBuilder application which facilitates the import of Mailing Addresses. This link interfaced with the Address Validation Server, thus providing assurances that addresses complied with Business Unit standardization practices.

Solutions Architecture

Technologies used to complete project objectives were:

  • C++
  • Pro-C
  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • Korn Shell
  • Various UNIX utilities, such as sed, awk
  • Sun Solaris
  • PowerBuilder 4.0
  • MicroSoft Access

by Mike Conneen