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Java Training Project Summary

Our Confidentiality Agreement prohibits the sharing of detailed project information.

Business Objective

Provide Just In Time Training to a core development team in order to develop the necessary skills for a successful project.

Project Overview

Our client, a holding company of numerous Gas Local Distribution Companies (LDC) with over $20 billion in assets and revenues in excess of $6.031 billion, was seeking Just In Time Training for their JavaTM IBM WebSphere applications development team. As Information Integrators, Inc. had developed and deployed numerous JavaTM web applications for them, they requested that we develop a customized training course.


Drawing on over a two decades of application experience as well as numerous years of lecturing at the university level, we developed a course outline for client approval.

Next, detailed course lecture material was created and deployed to an Information Integrators Inc. training server. The content was then printed and bound into a comprehensive course binder.

Finally, student ids were generated into the LDAP directory server, and the course was ready for deployment.

Solutions Architecture

Technologies used to complete project objectives were:

  • JavaTM Version 1.3.1 Mac OSX 10.2
  • JavaTM Version 1.4.1 Windows NT, Windows 2000
  • Apache Maven
  • UML
  • Argo UML
  • XML
  • CVS on Linux
  • Tigris Scarab

by Mike Conneen