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Due to Client Confidentiality statements, various presentations are being re-worked for public posting. Following is just a brief list of the (hopefully) non-proprietary content. Any omissions is purely accidental. If you see content that you think should NOT be here, please let me know A.S.A.P! I hate lawsuits!


contentRational Suite EASy/EAO Presentation
A presentation given to the NiSource EASY/EAO development team, outlining the various aspects of the Rational Enterprise Suite. The presentation was aimed as an "overview" for the Project Manger and the Development Team, a mix of Java and PoweBuilder developers.
contentRational Suite Administrators Overview Guide
An overview as to how to create a Rational Suite project.
contentWebSphere 3.5.x Upgrade Overview
An overview of IBM WebSphere Advanced Edition Application Server 3.5.x. Currently, the clients applications are deployed in an IBM AIX WebSphere 3.0.2 Application Server.
contentWebSphere 3.5.x Installation Overview
An overview of IBM WebSphere Advanced Edition Administrative Client installation procedures. Also highlights how to install/reinstall a WAR file.
contentWebSphere 3.5.x Tuning Guide
An overview of the infrastructure tuing..
contentJakarta JetSpeed WebSphere 3.5.x Overview
A running status of deploying Jakarta JetSpeed within IBM WebSphere 3.5.x Advanced Edition..

by M. Conneen